Friday, July 17, 2009

Food with Integrity

I am a ridiculous fan of Chipotle! I would honestly eat it everyday, probably twice a day, if I could never gain a pound from eating all of that natural goodness. I'm not the only one, Richie and George love it almost as much as I do.. haha. I love it so much, one of my first purchases when I have my first kid... no joke!

Why I love it? Besides that it tastes amazing!!.. Their philosophy is "Food with Integrity" (which is not just some amazing marketing slogan to fill the seats). All of their products are natural and organic, making them the largest restaurant buyer of both avocados and naturally raised meats than any other restaurant in the entire nation! Their foods contain no artificial colors or flavorings and zero trans fat. They serve the BEST guacamole -- I did not like guac before Chipotle guac, now I crave it!

My Order: A burrito bowl, rice, NO BEANS, LOTS of fajita peppers, steak on days I want meat, fresh tomato salsa with LOTS of tomatillo red-chili, just a smidge of cheese and my guac on the side - oh and chips if I have someone to share with!

What they want their customers to do now... BECOME AWARE:
The new movie Food, Inc. coming out raises important issues regarding food and where it comes from - everything Chipotle stands for.

"I hope that all our customers see this film.
The more they know about where their food comes from,
the more they will appreciate what we do."

- Steve Ellis, Founder & Co-CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is inviting all of their food lovers to attend one of their sponsored {free} screenings of Food, Inc. at select locations, all held at 7:30pm.

Check it out!
mmmm.. all this Chipotle talk has got me hungry.. guess what I'm having??

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