.about me.

Why hello there! My name is ERIN DEHART, writer of this canvas THE LIME & THE COCONUT.

I am officially in my mid-twenties! I studied advertising at CSUF, have a passion for writing, a bit of OCD for grammar, and a curiosity that has driven me to keep turning over new leaves and tackle any molehill or mountain standing in my way.

Ask anyone and they will probably tell you that I talk too much. It's true. And I know it, but it never stops. I have too many thoughts, too many curiosities, and according to some, too many questions. So that's why I finally decided to spread some of that excessive chatter over a small space in the world wide web - THE LIME & THE COCONUT. I like to think of it as a white canvas, slowly being filled with all sorts of crazy and unique splashes of color-filled-treats! It's a place where I can share all the things that inspire me and bring happiness, even brief smiles and giggles, into my life. And what better way than to share all of those little joys with whoever is willing to read them? 

Like I always say... Sharing is caring anyways, right? And that's what I do!