Friday, July 24, 2009

One-of-a-kind to the MAX!!

EMERSONMADE is a catalog of one-of-a-kind pieces made by a very creative and unique woman. Per her blog's opening statement, she hand dyes all her linens, and hand-cut-stitch-builds each piece. Not only is each piece unique and varied, but each one "has its own little soul, just for you."

I was so impressed with her opening, and a few images of her unique flowers, I went straight to her online shop to see all the pieces she has to offer, and hopefully purchase one of my own. Slightly shocked to find that her shop had been cleaned out! Literally!

After surfing her blog a smidge more, I discovered that her shop was to open on August 4th, and somehow *raise eyebrow* some very smart ladies and gents bought up her entire inventory!! After seeing her collection I found myself completely jealous of these very lucky people. Check out the pictures below:

Big Poppy Series

Blushing Bloom Series

Dandy Bouquet

Great White Bloom Series

Proper Peony Series

School Bloom Series

Shoulder Bouquet


Due to her instant success with her line.. she has created an email list of what she calls "sparklers" who want to be emailed instantly as the new inventory posts. If you're interested, go ahead and email her at and she will be delighted to add you to her list. Count me in!

Check out her online store here:, or her blog here:

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