Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recycled Goods

The new trend of "Going Green" has become quite a phenomenon. It has created a stir in Popular Culture and made for great change around the world, whether it be with the reduction in the use of plastic bags in stores to the increase of people using public and non-vehicular transportation. With this, people have been able to think out of the box to create great products using recycled goods rather than raw materials.
Canadian Designer Andi of Hoakon/Helga has put a facinating twist on using old leather jackets and turning them into fashionable "upcycled" leather bags. She has exemplified the idea of using recycled good for capital and has done it well. The stitching and design of these bags are done so well that it would be difficult to tell that they were reworked from old jackets. These designs have definitely left me impressed.

For more information or to order a bag visit her Etsy page: Hoakon/Helga


  1. absolutely gorgeous especially that second bag. i'm all about some upcycled good and i love leather so these are pretty perfect!