Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Financial Savior -

My friend Madalyn filled me on an a little secret she's been using to help keep her finances in check -

It's a completely FREE personal finance website that has so many amazing features and allows you complete access and control over your entire finances, in one spot.

You can set up an anonymous account for free, and add as many bank, savings, credit cards, home loans and investment accounts as you want - AND - keeps your information updated automatically!

Ever look at your account statements and wonder, "where did all that money go?" I do. :(
Their site offers you the easiest budgeting that you can see visually how much you're spending, and on what exactly. If you find yourself shocked and in dire need of a structured budget to help you save, like me, Mint helps you set those goals, and keep track of your progress on a daily basis.

I am convinced, and creating my own account now. In this stage of my life, budgeting, getting out of debt, paying off student loans, saving for my future.. those are all things I need to be doing, and need help doing. Mint is the first thing that seems to have successfully linked all those aspects into one service! And did I mention they have a blog? Haha...

I will keep you guys updated on my progress... in the meantime, check it out. Looks like an amazing service!

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