Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Walk of Shame has a kit?

Yea you read it right! Some amazing people created a whole kit for your walk of shame!
The kit includes the following:
A dress - Morning after coverall, so you don't have to worry about waking your 1-nighter that just so happens to be laying right on top of your blouse from the night before.
Flip Flops - Feet savers... because you can't run away fast enough in the heels from last night.
Backpack - To be able to make a quick getaway with all your belongings.
Sunglasses - Hide the red eyes, and disguise yourself from the judging neighbors.
Pre-pasted toothbrush - Just in case you can't remember where your mouth has been.
Wipies - Safe enough for your face and your hide-away parts.
Call or Don't call, leave behind note card - "Lets do this again soon," or Not.
Breast Cancer bracelet - Reminding you that your purchase donated a portion to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

The kicker to this whole thing is, The Patron Social Club has used this idea to their advantage. A little microsite they have which documents "phases" of relationships. In the Phase 2 - the 3rd date - among all the tips they give guys to help them out, is the Walk of Shame Kit, described as a "gift to present her with in the morning."

Classic? I'm not sure if I would love it or be offended if this "gift" was presented to me the morning after. Bitter sweet.

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