Thursday, October 29, 2009

1 Line a Day

I've been seeing this One Line a Day Journal floating around blogs lately, and I'm clearly so enamored with it because every time it comes up, I stop and look at it like it's the first time. I have gained journals over the years, all of which have only a few pages written in them before I stopped or found a new one to continue with.

This one, I like most because the concept of just writing one statement a day would be so fun to look back on. For instance, mine would read something like this (dates are hypothetical of course):
January 12th 1991 - Tried guacamole today, and I have no clue what all the hype is about - gross!
April 17th 2009 - Tried guacamole today against my better judgement, and oh my goodness, I wonder how long ago I should have discovered my new taste buds love for this stuff!
Hahaha - I'd love this!

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