Monday, October 19, 2009

Bitchin Little Cubes Wax Melts

So, as mentioned earlier today - I really really wanna make soap. As apart of my research, I went on Etsy today to see all the great ideas that are already out there for different molds, scents, etc. I found this great shop called Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co. and she has some pretty unique and super funny molds. Not only that, some absolutely hilarious copy to go with 'em! This one had me absolutely rolling:
"Are you an orderly soul? Does chaos and disarray leave you bitchy to the core? We feel your pain sista and we formulated these perfectly formed Bitchin' Little Cubes™ just for you. Each package is lovingly mixed and hand poured in a quiet padded room using our own proprietary blend of wax and the strongest scents known to mankind. Each package is perfectly unique... just like all the others.
To use, just break off a Bitchin' Little Cube™ and place it into your wax melter or warmer. Sit back, relax and let the scent take control of your senses and ease the feeling of wanting to strangle the next person you come into contact with. The scent is released into the air like a screaming banshee chick running from a pack of wild animals.
Each cube lasts approximately 5 hours or more, so you get around 30 hours of Bitchiness per package!"
Absolutely clever and knee-slapping funny! Check out her shop and amazing soap molds.. be sure to read her copy for some genuine laughs.

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