Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Give me the Green Light!

As I have mentioned previously, I am currently interning at Johnson Gray Advertising. It has been a really great experience thus far, and it keeps getting better! At JGA they've been working on getting their blog up and running, and being a blogger myself, I've taken a personal interest. Then just last week my boss gave me the green light to begin posting whenever I want!
I must say, I'm super excited.. however extremely nervous. It's one thing to find something interesting to post about, it's another thing when you're constantly hoping it's gonna be what their looking for. I don't want to disappoint! Although I must admit, I'm off to a pretty good start and I hope it continues to go up from here.
So check it out whenever you get a free moment - add it to your readers! It's gonna be full of great topics like advertising, technology, JGA projects and clients, etc. I'm really excited to be working on it!

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