Monday, October 26, 2009


"Positive and negative are directions.
Which direction do you choose?"
- Remez Sasson

Negative thinking is such a burden. It is so heavy it pulls us down, draining our energy. Think about the difference between these two thoughts:
1. I have so much to do I'll never get it done.
2. I have all the time I need to accomplish today's goals.
The first is obviously depressing, depleting our spirits. It's not possible to feel peaceful when we are negative. The second is a spirit lifter.
Take time today to be aware of your thoughts. Every time you become aware of a negative thought, turn it into a positive thought. You will feel the difference immediately. Often we struggle against changing a negative thought, thinking that the positive one isn't true. This is where "act as if" come in, helping us convert our old, dreary habitual thinking into spirit-lifting joy and peace.
Not only will you feel better and accomplish more, but the people around you will feel better in your presence. A small switch in you thinking can help lift the mood of everyone today.
Today I am mindful of all my thoughts, converting any
negative thoughts into positive ones. I am watching my mood and energy change as I feel more positive and peaceful about myself and my life.

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