Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Need it. They Supply it.

Need Supply Co. has an eclectic mix of hard-to-find vintage apparel to a well-edited selection of premium street wear and contemporary brands. Their women's section is full of great finds that are sure to please this holiday season.

Animal print - In my opinion, when done right, animal print can be a mix of classy and sexy, not trashy. A find like this one paired with some gold jewelry and stricking heels, can easily be worn to a wedding... switch it up by layering with a sophisticated crop jacket, some black tights and close-toed heels, and I say it'd be a winner for a networking dinner or even an interview.

Nature Inspired Jewelry - The trend these days is wearing your beliefs on your sleeves - and in this case, it includes jewelry. Showing your love for nature isn't exactly something new, but it never gets old. And these amazing gold charms are so dainty and modern, just 1 of the 4 sets available.

Tulip Tweed - Tweed always arrives with fall, and I couldn't be happier with this modern dress equipped with a tulip style skirt. Did I mention that this empier waist would be incredibly flattering on just about anyone's frame? Don't forget to check out the back view.

Vintage Ruffles - never looked better. And in this case, that's enough said.

Black Black Riding Boots - These sleek black, leather boots have me craving the Superstition Mountains. While I might be hesitant to wear these out in the sandy dessert, I think these would be look absolutely amazing on my cute footies while riding horses... oooor paired with some black tights and a simple plaid top. Whatdoyathink? Ya, me too.
Peruse through the site and buy your next Fall find.

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