Friday, December 11, 2009

Bueno, entonces..

Say Hola to these fun and edgy Spanish lessons. These 1-on-1 Spanish lessons are taught by a gorgeous instructor, Jimena, and David, her jackass London student.

They are said to be "like Rosetta Stone® meets South Park - edgy, funny, and completely inappropriate. It keeps your attention, and you’ll watch it over and over so you don’t miss anything. Best of all, because it’s engaging, you remember EVERYTHING."

My favorite parts about this whole set up:
1. They include sexual connotation, vulgar language, and off-color jokes. I know that seems unexpected - and to some people unnecessary. But having had tons of friends and a boyfriend who is Hispanic, I think this would add to anyone's conversational skills.
2. Instead of paying upwards of $500, you only pay only $200 for a 6-dvd set or $147 for an instant download. You can't beat that.
I have taken years of Spanish, and have been surrounded by people who speak the language and I'm still not even close to fluent. I'm definitely wanting this in my stocking for Christmas. Maybe I'll gift it to myself for the New Year... hmmm.

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  1. Hi Erin!

    Thanks for the post! I am writing on behalf of Bueno, entonces... and we'd love to give you a free download of the program (for either you or one of your readers). Please send us a message via Twitter (bueno_entonces) or via e-mail at

    The Bueno, entonces...Team