Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Afternoon Post #300!

Yay, 300 posts on this mini-blog, I'm so proud.
Today has been a pretty great day if I do say so myself. Great day at work, I had my holiday party at my internship - where my Secret Santa got me a sweeeet book. Show Me How by Derek Fagerstrom, Lauren Smith & The Show Me Team. It's pretty amazing.
So to celebrate my 300th post, I'd like to share with you Show Me How #184 - Remove Stains:
- Stain = Solution
- Chocolate = Dish Detergent
- Candle wax = Ice
- Grass = Nail polish remover
- Coffee = Lemon Juice
- Wine = Salt, then boiling water
- Tomato = White vinegar
- Sweat = Hydrogen Peroxide

I think I've decided I will use these awesome how-to's and share 1 with you each week. Sound good? Kay great!

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