Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day Fave: Shoes

To understand why this is such a different and somewhat oxymoron of a "favorite" post, you have to know me and my relationship with shoes. I love shoes. I love the way they look. I love the different designs. But when you put those close-toed looks and designs on my footies, it's a different story. I cannot stand it, it is a claustrophobic sort of relationship. In fact, if I had it my way - I would wear sandals 365 days a year, and I honestly almost achieve that.
But like I said, I do love a lot of shoe designs, and here are some of my faves...

1. Toms Shoes - cute, simple design and for a good cause. What is there not to love?
2. Forever21 Studded boots - a friend of mine has these, and they look so great on her. I love the short boot look - not something I always lean towards, so these are an exception.
3. Suede Vans - Now I do own 2 pairs of Vans. They seem to be the only style shoe that I can stand long enough to get through the couple of rainy days in Southern California. But these, in suede, in this color. Too cute. The problem is - I only wear Vans when it is either wayy too cold for sandals, or raining. Therefore, these would never come into my possession since rain and suede are not at all a good combination.
4. Giraffe printed Chucks - I used to have a pair of chucks, I loved them. And these are so playful and fun.

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  1. You definitely are a sandals kind-of-girl! And I am a flats girl and love-love-love these shoes.