Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present."
- Barbara De Angelis

"Today, many of us have learned a great deal about what affects the way we feel. There are countless self-help books and magazine articles to guide us. Television has its share of gurus and experts who warn us to let go of our anger and resentments. Counselors, clergy, psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, and Twelve-step Programs show us how.
"Learning about it and doing something about it are two different things, however. We might think so-and-so doesn't deserve our forgiveness. "Look what he/she did to me! How can I possibly let go of my resentment after all I have been through?"
"Buddhist teaching compares anger to a piece of burning coal: When you pick it up to throw it at someone else, you hurt your own hand most of all.
"Anger blocks us from being in the present moment. It blocks us from feeling all the emotions of the present moment. It blocks us from love. It blocks us from peace.
"Is it worth holding on to it?
"Today I am willing to let go of any anger and resentment that is keeping my heart closed to peace."

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