Monday, December 14, 2009


We're only as sick as our secrets.
- Unknown sage

"Many of us hold things inside that we vow we'll take to our grave. At first we don't realize that this sets up barriers between us and the people around us. We don't know that these secrets block us from being free, from feeling love, from living to our fullest potential.
"Once we are willing to take a risk and share our secrets with just one other person, we can feel immense relief. It's as if we have been living in a very dark room, and we let the door open a crack by sharing with someone. And a speck of light shines in. Then, little by little, the door opens wider and wider and more light shines in, and pretty soon the room is flooded with light and we are free.
"God is helping me let go of my fear of being seen for who I really am. Today I am taking that risk and am finding a person I can trust, with whom I can share at least one secret."

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