Monday, December 14, 2009

My Weekend at a Glance

I have to say, this weekend was long and quite eventful. I had to pull myself out of bed this morning - my head was saying Get Up! Get Up! - and my body was screaming Nooooooo!! Needless to say, I got up. What you ask put my body in a coma? Let's see...
Friday night, my man and I went to my company Christmas party for Johnson Gray at the Tommy Bahama Island Grille. I must say, it was quite the fun adventure. The food was amazing - absolutely superb. The drinks were great - Tommy Bahama Rum and Diet Cokes were flowing for me. But the company made the night! I think there was constant laughter fluttering throughout - my abs definitely got a work out!!
Saturday my family got together for my adorable twin niece's 1st birthday. It did rain down on us, and my poor brother-in-law ended up BBQing in the rain. Now that, is the definition of taking one for the team. Well, these adorable little 1-year-olds enjoyed their cake, as you can see... and we had a good time laughing it up with these giggle-monsters.

Then believe it or not, late that evening I made my way to San Manuel Casino with my man and another couple where I enjoyed a few hours of some intense people-watching! Wow! I didn't gamble, but I was completely entertained.
My man and I finished off the weekend with Christmas shopping... and we literally shopped till we dropped. 7 hours of Christmas shopping was wayy too much for even me! To be honest, he was the one pushing me to get everything done, what a trooper.
I hope your weekend was just as eventful. Lets have a great week, yes?!

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