Monday, December 21, 2009

My Weekend at a Glance

Cinema love this weekend. Finally caught up on some blockbuster movies...
The Hangover - very funny. Which was a surprise considering that I heard very mixed reviews about it. Fat Jesus had me rolling in laughter.
Public Enemies - with a very sexy Johnny Depp. Actually didn't finish it completely. It was the last movie of the night and I ended up falling asleep. It was a smidge slow, but with all the tommy guns and sexy looks of Johnny, I'd probably watch it again to see the ending.
The Perfect Getaway - my man will probably be mad to find out I watched this one without him on Saturday. Especially when he finds out this one was sooo good. This mysterious, thriller keeps you wondering all the way through. You think you know who's doing the killing and then BAM! Big twist!
Bones, Season 2 - Oh yes! I am a Bones fan, more like a David Boreanaz fan. Got through 3 discs.

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