Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Endearment in 3 Languages

Guys: Tell her how you feel this Valentine's Day.
Girls: Help him tell you how he feels this Valentine's Day, and forward him this post.
ANNE KIEL Jewelry has a line of Endearment Necklaces that are absolutely simple, and have just enough touch of romance to make your heart flutter. Here are the options:

- Te amo (I love you)
- Mi corazón (my heart)
- Amor verdadero (true love)
- Mi alma (my soul)
- Bésame (kiss me)

- Je t’aime (I love you)
- Ma belle (my beautiful)
- Ma chérie (my sweetheart)
- Mon amour (my love)
- Mon cœur (my heart)
- Mon lapin (my bunny)

- Ti amo (I love you)
- Amore mio (my love)
- Amore vero (true love)
- Cara mia (my beloved)
- Tesoro mio (my treasure)

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