Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day Fave: Valentine's Day Gestures

I'm a simple girl, who likes simple things. I'm not into tons of name brands. I don't expect expensive gifts that break the bank. I don't need a lot to prove to me you love me. So for Valentine's Day, or any romantic anniversary, I say keep things simple. Here are a few things that I think get the job done... oh, and in no particular order. So no numbers this week.

A card. Handmade always kicks ass, but hey, those greeting card companies have some hands down great writers. But a card that you took time to read through, and it relates to you and your relationship, and truly spells out how you feel is a must. To be honest, no card, kind of kills the occasion for me.Flowers. These are not a must, but they always make me smile. Not to mention how great it is to come home to or wake up to the next morning - it creates a fabulous reminder of what a great time you had. A big plus when you receive a bouquet of something other than roses. Gerber daisies are my favorite.Romantic dinner for two. Whether it be a picnic in the park, a quiet candlelight dinner at home or in a dimmed corner of a nice restaurant, its a perfect romantic touch. Being able to spend a private 1-on-1 dinner, at a place you don't usually go to on any given day allows for a momentary escape from reality.Surprise gift, for him or her. Gifts are definitely not an necessity or should even remotely be an expectation. But anyone will admit that a small gift is always a pleasant surprise.

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