Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hump Day Fave: Wedding Blogs

Given that my bestie was just asked to be the Maid of Honor for one of her close friends up and coming wedding, weddings are definitely on the brain - as well as wedding inspirational blogs. So here are my Hump Dave Faves:
This Southern Weddings blog is jam packed full of some seriously amazing weddings, with ultimate creative ideas, and genuinely sweet stories. They really know how to throw a wedding down South!
This adorable wedding blog creates the best boards of inspiration! Everything from centerpieces, bouquets, color combinations, you name it - they bring it all together so you can see the big picture of how much you can do with even the simplest palette of colors.
Once Wed offers a fresh collection of exquisite photos documenting even the finest details of some truly inspiring weddings. What's awesome is that almost every wedding posted, includes links to the vendors or brands of all the big details of the weddings including coordinators, florists, photographers, caterers, rentals, attire, you name it - it's there. So when you see something you like, it's that easy to find it for your future wedding.
This is my guilty pleasure of some seriously edgy and envelope pushing weddings - not to mention a ton of amazing ideas that you wouldn't usually see in any plain-'ol wedding. I love the diversity of classic and rough edges. These brides have completely made their weddings unique to the max.
This is something I like to check in with every now and again. They have a lot of great tips and advice for topics that at times seem common sense, but can get pretty difficult when actually faced with making the decision. This blog is full of great tips any bride could find handy.

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