Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mix it Up: Guacamole, 2 ways

I have come to love guacamole over recent years, and it all started off with Chipotle's simple guacamole. Chipotle turned me into a guacamole lover for life. But I couldn't just eat Chipotle's guac forever.. so I adapted my own recipe made completely to taste (not to match of course). So today I have 2 recipes for you... 1 for people who like the works, and 1 for people who go for a simple guac like that of Chipotle.
M&E's Guacamole with the Works
Serves quite a bit

- 3 large ripe avocados
- 1/2 medium red onion diced
- 2 Roma tomatoes seeded and diced
- 1 package of McCormick Produce Partners Guacamole Dip Mix (Mild or Spicy, can be found in the produce section alongside the avocados)
- 1 spoonful of sour cream
- 2 juicy limes, cut in half
- Garlic salt & pepper

Place the avocados in a large bowl, and using either a potato masher or 2 forks, mash up the avocado until broken down. Make sure there aren't any large chunks, but still retain a nice texture. Now add the red onion, Roma tomatoes, and McCormick seasoning package, and mix together until all the ingredients are mixed in evenly.
Here's where everything else comes to taste. I like to start by adding 2 halves of lime juice, shake of garlic salt and a few dashes of pepper. I continue adding the remaining lime juice and additional garlic salt and pepper until I am pleased with the result.
Guacamole by Dana Treat
Serves 6 generously

- 2 large ripe avocados, diced
- 1 1/2 large limes, cut in half
- 2 tsp. salt
- 1 tsp. pepper
- 2 tbsp. cilantro, or more to taste

Place the avocados in a large bowl. Juice the limes into the same bowl and add the salt and pepper. Using a potato masher, mash up the avocados and incorporate the juice. You will want to leave some texture. Add the cilantro and mix carefully with a spoon
You can always add less lime juice and salt and see how it tastes to you. If there is not too much going on in the meal, or if you're not serving salsa, feel free to dice up 2 seeded Roma tomatoes and add it to the mix.

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