Friday, February 5, 2010

Arizona Road Trip Photo Recap

My sister Alex and I embarked on our very usual road trip to Arizona to visit our distantly loved family. Being pretty close, its usual for the 2 of us to argue on these kind of trips - nearly 6 hours in a car together can sometimes put us on edge. But I'm happy to report that our trip went great, no crazy sibling bantering! *cheesy smile* (Don't you love her vans we got my niece above?? How freakin' cute).It was so nice to see my brother, he makes me feel so old *sad face* He's getting so tall, and is driving now ahhhh and has his own car double ahhhh! Not to mention, I have a little girl to add to my list of adorable nieces and nephews (girls 5, boys 4) that I absolutely love love loved spending time with. London is such a cutie, taking after my gorgeous sister Danielle, and I have to say she made one cuuute baby and I'm a proud proud auntie. Grandpa loves his little girl and its hilarious watching him try and take pictures with his cell phone. London is completely oblivious to it, making it twice as hard for pops to grab a good picture... that had us all laughing hysterically.Here's a few Kodak moments of my adorable niece London, and yes I know I'm totally showing my bragging aunt side of me, but I can't help it... look at her! You'd be bragging too!

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