Thursday, February 25, 2010

DIY: Laker Pong Table

A lot of birthdays have been happening lately, and for Alex's boyfriend's birthday - she and I set out to create a beer pong table decked out in Laker colors.  While our visit to our local Home Depot was far less than enjoyable - we got the job done!  And now I'm wishing we weren't so excited to just give it to him that we completely forgot to snap a reaction photo of his face when he saw this completely legit, regulation style, hand painted Laker court, beer pong table.  Here's a photo recap of our journey...
Day 1: We purchased a great oak piece of wood, had it cut down to regulation size, mounted some banquet leg tables and painted it Laker yellow.
Day 2: We created a Laker stencil, transposed the graphic and painted it Laker purple.  We painted a purple edge along the entire table as well as stenciled LOS ANGELES on both ends.
Day 3: We created a playoffs stencil, transposed the graphic and painted it its respective colors.  While we wanted everything to be completely original, we choose to purchase an NBA sticker rather than stencil out Jerry West's silhouette.
Day 4: We scaled out the entire court so that the table would be as closely accurate to the original.  We painted all the court lines, the hardest being the key - don't ask how we managed.
4 coats of wood varnish later and voila!!  Beer pong dreams were made... I have a feeling this won't be our first table.  Happy Birthday David!

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