Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For the Erin DeHart:

As an ode to the Erin Leigh DeHart on her birthday, I thought I would do a tourist piece on Arizona, the state in which she was born.

Listed below are 24 things that are must do's in Arizona and about Arizona:

1) Stargaze (Flagstaff) - Flagstaff has one of the brightest night skies in the nation. It's quite a beautiful site to see.

2) Stuffed Peppers - Erin loves her spicy foods, probably because she too . Stuffed Peppers recipes looks pretty darn delicious.

3) Grand Canyon National Park (Grand Canyon) - An Arizona Landmark, a must see.

4) Sleep in a Wigwam at Wigwam Village Motel (Holbrook) - I've seen the ones in Rialto, California, but the great thing about staying at the one in Arizona is, again, that incredible night sky!

5) Mogollon Rim - Along 200 miles of dirt road on the edge of the great escarpment, one can find coolness, fantastic views, green grass and towering pines, deer, elk, bear and some of the most beautiful campsites in the state.

6) Scenic Drive from Phoenix to Sedona - One of Arizona's most popular getaways is Sedona via Interstate 17 and Arizona 179. This can be a magical drive with intriguing names and places that tug travelers off the main drag into the wonders of Arizona.

7) London Bridge (Havasu) - The bridge and beach in Lake Havasu City attract millions of visitors annually. Controversy over whether it was actually London Bridge or some other bridge hasn't dimmed its popularity, especially among college students, who flock here for spring break. Bridge and English Village open daily.

8) Heard Museum (Phoenix) - Incredible Museum curating Native American history and artifacts.

9) Talesin West (Scottsdale) - Take a guided tour through world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright's winter retreat and studio, which exemplifies the principles of design he was famous for.

10) Mystery Castle (Phoenix) - Built by a father to realize his daughter's dream, this three-story castle, completed in 1945, is made of stone, adobe, automobile parts and petroglyphs and is held together by a cement mixture including goat's milk. Take a tour - usually led by the daughter, who still lives there - of this odd, yet imaginative dwelling.

11) Havasupai Falls (Grand Canyon) - I've been wanting to visit this place. It's regulated and ran by the Havasupai Native American Tribe, where you can reserve days to camp and hike down to see these gorgeous falls. It's known as the Grand Canyon's Hidden Jewel.

12) DeLux Burgers (Phoenix) - These burgers looks wonderful, especially while I am typing this hungry! It's reported as must try!

13) Arizona State Fair (Phoenix) - Check out what is going on at the state fair grounds when you're in town. Lots of interesting expos and shows.

14) Standin' on the Corner (Winslow) - From Winslow's fame in the song "Take It Easy" by the Eagles, the city decided to dedicate a park where you can literally "Stand on the Corner" as the lyric sang, "Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona".

15) Corn and Quinoa Tamales with Ceviche Stuffing Chipotle Cream Recipe - Originated in Arizona.

16) Pop the Soda Shop (Scottsdale) - A reviewer wrote, "An authentic landmark just down the road from the vapid consumerism taking place at the Fashion Square. The selection is superb, my only complaint being their slow inventory renewal process. I typically come in for my stalwarts- Dublin Dr. Pepper and Dr. Tima Root Beer- but I always leave with a few new bottles to sample." Supposedly, it's must go.

17) Four Corners (Northeast Arizona) - Be at four places at once. Visit where the corner of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona touch. I've driven through it and it's neat!

18) Drive a part of Route 66 - Erin and her sister, Alex, take a drive on Route 66 on a portion of their drive through Arizona to visit their Dad.

19) Sweet Republic (Scottsdale) - Artisian Ice Cream. There are incredible reviews about this place.

20) OK-Corral (Tombstone) - The OK Corral was the scene of the famous shoot-out in 1881 between the Earp and Clanton gangs. A re-enactment of the gunfight takes place daily at 2 p.m. Life-size replicas of the nine gunfighters stand on the spots where they began the gunfight. It's a great way to take yourself back to the time of the West!

21) Rodeo Park (Tuscon) - Visit Rodeo Park for Erin's love of Rodeos!

22) McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park (Scottsdale) - Climb aboard the miniature replica of a Colorado narrow gauge railroad to explore this park that features famous railroad cars and an antique carousel.

23) Whiskey Row (Prescott) - A full block of historic bars and saloons where some of America's famous cowboys and outlaws drank. Super COOL!

24) Eat Pizza in Arizona - Serious Eats blog lists delicious pizza places in Arizona that are a must eat.

Pictured Below: Erin in Arizona from her last trip there!
Happy Twenty-Fourth Birthday Erin!!!


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  1. We'll have to start going to some of these places on this list! I love the picture of you and my baby London! We love and miss you!

    Danielle and London