Monday, February 15, 2010

Guest Bloggers!!

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I've enlisted some guest bloggers to fill in for me. Tomorrow's A Day in... feature will still be up by me, but everything else will be from these beautiful ladies:
P.S. I high-jacked some of my favorite profile pictures from their Facebook pages... hey, they obviously loved 'em enough to be profile pictures so I better not hear any complaints.

Alex, my lovely younger sister who has a punchy personality and a cute smile to boot. She's fashion crazy and her shoe collection is larger than all the shoes I've ever worn throughout my entire life. True story.Madalyn, my fun loving bestie who (has her own blog) has such a quirky personality she keeps me smiling and laughing even when sometimes I don't want to. She loves crafty DIY projects and her cute little doggie Lulu makes every other purse dog look like your run-of-the-mill backyard pup.Blogger Update!! Amy my dear dear friend may be joining us on my birthday afterall! Amy-bean had some unfortunate turn of events with her car (not pictured below) that may have her detained from sharing with us, but because she's such an awesome person - she is trying her best to come and visit. If we don't hear from her, be sure to check out her blog! I love it!

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  1. I think is warrants a somewhat silly/embarrassing photo of you to be posted tomorrow my dear.... one of my favorite "Erin" faces... and I know just the one... Muwauhhhh :D