Monday, February 15, 2010


One day at a time.
- Twelve-step Program slogan

"Oh, how we ache for the world to be a better place! We feel pain in our hearts every time we pick up the newspaper or watch the evening news. Many of us cry when the sad faces of hungry, homeless children appear on the screen. We look, we listen, and we feel powerless to change the world.
"But although we may feel powerless, we are not powerless. We can change part of the world... the part that begins in our hearts. We can change it with prayer and meditation. We can change it by smiling at a stranger, donating to an organization that supports peace, reading to the blind, becoming a mentor to a child, and in countless other ways that improve the quality of others' lives. One act of kindness each day makes a more peaceful world and a more peaceful us.
"It feels so good to know that I am taking time today to do at least one thing to bring happiness to at least one other person."
{Peace in our Hearts, Peace in the World pg. 48}

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