Monday, February 1, 2010

My Weekend at a Glance

A pretty eventful weekend actually - and I'm sad that I did not have my camera to take tons of pictures. What was I thinking?! I know.

Friday - Sushi Date with my man & good friends Toni & Rich!
If you know me, you know sushi and I do not get along. Well that was mostly true Friday.. Toni & Rich are sushi experts, and that's an understatement. I definitely ventured out of my comfort zone, but not too far. I enjoyed a Tornado Roll, Crunchy Roll, a bit of a roll with eel! *yikes* To my surprise, it wasn't half bad... and tons of edamame. To be honest, I was nibbling nervously on those suckers, as well as downing my light-Japanese beer, anticipating the next crazy thing about to roll out on a plate.

Saturday - Orange County Swap Meet & BBQ with friends!
It was such a beautiful day that we had to get out and do something. So we ventured to the OC Swap Meet, met up with some friends and then headed over to their casita for some BBQ. We enjoyed the different kinds of meat, drinks, and games - poker with dice! Way more fun than poker with cards if I do say so myself. A fun night for sure!

Sunday - Laker-Boston game, Movies at home and the Grammys!
Thank goodness Lakers beat Boston - or the whole day would have been in ruins. I wish the Lakers would have upped their game for longer than the 1st quarter, but hey - a wins a win! Then our movie rundown: Gamer with cutie Gerard Butler and The Invention of Lying with hilarious Ricky Gervais. Decent movies, not too much wow factor, but good enough. Then of course, the Grammys. All I have to say is: Yaayyy to Beyonce, Pink and the Zac Brown Band... and Eww Eww Eww to Jamie Foxx and all the other boat load of lip-syncing crazies he was with.

Good weekend! Now let's start off February right!

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