Monday, February 8, 2010

My Weekend Movies at a Glance

Instead of watching the Super Bowl this year (I know, a total sin) my man and I watched some movies while eating my yummy M&E's Guacamole. Here's a rundown...

Law Abiding Citizen, with the amazing Gerard Butler. I really really liked this movie. It had a different twist from the regular cops and bad guy murderer type of movies. There was intellect and it definitely received 2 thumbs up from me.Zombieland, a movie I never thought I'd actually watch - but when I did I was genuinely laughing throughout the movie. The nasty zombies definitely had me covering my eyes to stop me from gagging but overall - a pretty decent movie.Whip it, definitely have been waiting to see this one for a while now. I'm a 100% fan of Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page - and together I think they made a great movie. I think I might buy it.

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