Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Arrowhead is after me!

I really wanted to say Arrowhead is trying to k*ll me, but I find that rather dramatic, and not a great headline since I do in fact appreciate the Arrowhead brand.  However, it seems that I was unfortunate enough to get a reject bottle yesterday at work (I know it's mean to say reject, but just go with it).  The lipping on the bottle (in 2 spots) was raised in a pinch like shape - as if when the bottle was made their machine slipped up a bit on making a nice smooth round lip to drink from.  I didn't just waste it like some might, I simply tried to avoid it the entire time I drank it - which was a continuously failed mission.  So I'm sharing this with you, so if you come across a reject like this - just down it in one and get it over with because it will irritate you and your fair lippies until you're done with it!! 

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