Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small Pleasures in Life

A list of 101 small pleasures in life was compiled and featured on Yahoo recently, and reading them reminded me of some of these things I definitely enjoy doing - and subsequently, reminded me that I should do them more often.  Here are some that made me smile:
1. Coloring
3. Soft skin
4. Old family recipes
10. A genuine compliment (giving or receiving)
11. The way babies smell
12. A handwritten letter
13. Waking up in a good mood... for no real reason
14. Singing in the shower
15. Finding a couple forgotten dollars in your pocket
17. A home cooked meal
18. Laughing
20. Playing hookey
21. A bubble bath
22. Swimming
23. An afternoon nap
25. Your favorite song
28. Old fashioned photo booths
30. Inspiring blogs
31. A glass of wine
32. Rainy afternoons
33. The funny things kids say
35. Finding the perfect piece of clothing...on sale
39. Sharing an umbrella
42. A bear hug
44. Smiling at a stranger
46. Butterflies
48. Singing along to the radio and knowing all the words
53. Puppies
62. Green lights all the way home
65. Holding hands
66. A great hair day with no effort
77. The cold side of the pillow
78. Love letters
81. A pull-through parking space
83. When a dog licks your hand
87. Girl Scout cookies
89. Kissing someone you love
93. Old photographs
100. Having exact change
101. Bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning

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