Monday, March 1, 2010

Stamp Yo Face

Just found this Etsy shop lilimandril that has the cutest face stamps that you can purchase of one of her named personalities, or of....drum roll please.... yourself!!  No joke.  True Story.  
What she does is after you decide to purchase one > you send her a picture of yourself > she creates an illustration > once you approve it > she creates the stamp > once you approve its outcome > she sends it to you in an adorably designed package.
I absolutely love the idea that you could totally use this to advertise yourself, if you were in the position to do so.  So, if you have a little business or in an industry that relies on you  representing yourself - consider this, because I know I am.  Orrrr a nice stamp of you and your hubby would be adorable to use on wedding correspondence, holiday cards, etc.
By all means, I can see myself buying one like this:
Take it a step further and let everyone know who you support:
Check out her flickr account to see some more great examples... and did I mention these are only $20.00?  Well, now I did!

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