Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yogitoes is a fabulous company started by Susan Nichols with the goal to launch a single trademarked product for a towel that goes on top of your yoga mat to prevent slipping - boy could I have used one of these just last week! 
Not only is the product unique, but the design and colors were all formulated based on chakras.  So this lovely green is based on the fourth chakra heart - air: love and compassion.  They also have some that are for rape and breast cancer awareness..
Yogitoes extends further than yoga - there is also Teenitoes and SpatoesTeenitoes has adorable burp/changing cloths.  They are made of ultra-soft terry (which is super absorbent) and has little eco nubs that help hug any surface to make a safe environment when caring for your little teenitoes. 
Spatoes has adorable bath mats with the same eco nubs that help adhere to surfaces, not to mention the fabric is quick dry so you don't have to stare and wet footprints for very long at all!
And last but not least, the product that brought me to this site to begin with is this seatless towel.  You can wipe your sweaty body with this super absorbent, quick drying towel during your hot, sweaty workouts!  Talk about nifty!  I know there may be other products like this out there, but these look so comfortable and skin friendly...

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  1. What a nice surprise to come across your blog! Thank you so much for the feature! yogitoes is now also following you on Twitter!!