Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goal #68: Send a card/letter to my dad once a month (2/25)

Has there ever been a time when you were catching up with a friend or family member, and you have this feeling of wishing you were face to face?  I get that sometimes. 
It could be a friend that is just a few miles away, or a family member that is hundreds of miles away. 
Some days I miss seeing them and having the time to sit and hear their real, live voice.  Some days I just wish I could be there with them because they're going through a tough time - or maybe I am.
It is because of those days I've recently chosen to keep a set of note cards and a book of stamps nearby so when that feeling arises in my heart, I have all the tools at my fingertips to reach out and make that connection.
I encourage you to purchase some easy note cards and keep them ready for the next time you get that feeling of wanting to reach out. 
It feels good. For you, and them.  Trust me.

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