Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump Day Fave: LuLu*s Dresses

As my sister's graduation is approaching, dress shopping has been the topic of conversation... What style? Color? How many? Online or in-store? From where? 
Well, the decisions have been made and dresses have been purchased - all from LuLu*s.  So my original thought was to show you the chosen dresses, but (for another reason why I love LuLu*s) two of the dresses have already sold out of its limited supply! 
With that said, the following are my fave LuLu*s dresses as of this morning:
1. La La Love dress - This is the dress I bought for my sisters graduation, to wear during her ceremony - in gray (baby pink pictured).  She will look fabulous!
2. Telegraph Avenue dress - This is what I will be wearing for my sister's graduation.  I love the colors and how light it looks like it will feel! 
3. Walk With Me dress - The neckline does it for me with this dress.
4. Ditsy Sideshow dress - besides the name, I love this bodice of a dress.  I completely stand by my opinion that this would have made a close second for a graduation pick for my sister. 
5. Ivy League dress - this is a simple dress but I love it - in navy (if you can't tell I'm on a navy high right now). 
The second dress my sister bought for her graduation party is no longer available! (Great for her huh?)  Graduation pictures - in our chosen dresses - soon to come!!
P.S. Congrats little sis!!

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