Monday, May 10, 2010


FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

- Author unknown

"Fear is natural and healthy.  Fear can save our lives.  When a car drifts unexpectedly into our lane, we swerve quickly to avoid an accident.  When something threatens us, fear shouts at us to take self-protective action.
"But so many of our fears are born in our thoughts and not in reality.  We project our fears into a future that does not exist.  We imagine scenes where the worst happens.  We make ourselves physically ill by stressing our bodies with scenarios that exist only in our own minds.
"How much gentler to ourselves can we be when we learn to say no to our projected thoughts, to stay in the present moment where we can shine a light upon reality.  That way our fears have no place to go.  Then each moment can become a moment of peace rather than a moment of stress.
"I am so grateful to know that I can live in the reality of each moment, knowing God is with me and guiding me."

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