Friday, June 25, 2010

Goal #74: Collect 50 postcards for every state (6/50)

Check out my map!!  6 down, 44 more to go! 

Now, presenting to you my postcard line-up in order of receipt:

1. State: Wisconsin  |  Sender: Amy 
My traveling friend who I knew I could count on helping me with this goal
2. State: California  |  Sender: Alex
This made me laugh so hard, my sister would think of me mid-drink!
3. State: Maryland  |  Sender: Bryan
My cousin for which I was excitedly shocked to find he thought of me and my goal while traveling the East coast.  This kept me smiling for an entire day *cheese*
4. State: Hawaii  |  Sender: Madalyn
Madalyn's mommy was visiting Hawaii and thoughtfully brought back a token for me! and a space for a MMW to send us a quote.  Read some more inspiring quotes on her blog, From These Lips...
5. State: New York  |  Sender: Amy
I love that this is not just a card from a friend, but a fabulous advertisement for this bar that I am officially excited to visit whenever I make my way to The Big Apple. 
6. State: Nevada  |  Sender: Alex and her Las Vegas crew
I love the signatures from the entire crew, best ever How 'bout that ride in. ... strippers and cocaine... only you David would quote the Hangover.

Thank you to all of my friends and family for thinking of me on their holidays. 

I ask again to all of you out there, please help me by sending me a fun postcard from your hometown or your holiday vacations!  I'd love to hear from you.  Oh!  And if you see your state here, don't let that stop you!  I would love to receive as much as possible.  And I can tell you now, that I'm expecting a dear friend from her new home in NY to be sending me a sweet note soon.  I can't wait Soak in New Yoak.

State Recap:

Find my mailing address here: Day Zero Project and you'll see it down below... Can't wait to receive the next batch!

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