Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In My Shopping Cart...

After this long weekend I definitely was wishing I could sleep in this morning, didn't you?  It's as if I needed an extra day off to recover from my 3 days off.  So here are a few purchases made this weekend, that actually helped put a smile on my face this Tuesday morning:
I have definitely been a stress bug lately, which has affected my sleep tremendously.  Sometimes I feel as though my eyes are tiring, but I can't turn off my brain and end up developing some not-so-fun headaches.  Then I bought this puppy this weekend, and thanks to these earth-friendly beauty tool, I have had amazing sleep!
I don't know if you're like me, but I seem to always want to paint my nails at the wrong time - before bed, right before a hands-on project, at the last minute before grabbing all my stuff and running out the door for a night out... all resulting in smudges, uneven tone, or imprints from the fabric I'm wearing.  Then my man's mother referred this product to me (we're close).  She told me how happy she was with it and I'm so happy I listened because it is awesome!  Dries quickly, gives you a pleasingly shiny appearance, and equipped with UV filters so color lasts!  Buy this one now and enjoy painting your nails in minutes!
I'm expecting some important meetings within the coming weeks and I want some reasonable shoes since my go-to flats are no where to be found.  So I tried these on for size, and loved them instantly.  They are adorable.  However, yesterday I wore them to work and found myself less than enthused with the growing blisters.  I'm hoping this is just because they need to be broken-in.  I haven't lost faith just yet.

Did you make any holiday purchases??

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