Monday, July 19, 2010

Goal #90: Do the tambourine dance ON STAGE

Yes!  The tambo dance finally happened ON STAGE this weekend!  Where you might ask?  Over at Goody's Tavern in San Clemente.  To what rockin' band?  The Bad Kitty Project of course.  These combination of fun is exactly where the tambo fever began months ago... Story time:

Once upon a time... we had a girls night over at Goody's and a friend of mine, Joe, was rocking out with his band, the Bad Kitty Project.  He handed over the tambourine and we all got to rock out - especially my girl Shans, since she stood on stage as the newest part of the band!  I decided then and there, this was going on my DZP list.

Then after taking Shans out for her birthday to the Royal Hawaiian we all did the tambo dance, and I technically did it "on stage."  Although we all had a fabulous time, it wasn't exactly a stage, and I decided to omit that experience as a completion of my goal.  Then Friday night, a group of us headed down to Goody's to see Joe play and it happened!  I rocked out on stage for - quite a few songs - *cheesy smile* and it was a blast!  The unfortunate part, was no one took a picture *tears* !!  So the photo accompanying this post is from that technical night at the Royal Hawaiian, but the experience cannot be matched by that of Goody's and the Bad Kitty Project!

What a blast!!

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