Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Blog Recap

As I've mentioned over the last week, I've been guest blogging at From These Lips... with my sister while Madalyn has been in the lovely Bahamas.  Here is a little recap of our blogging adventures in case you haven't check it out yet:

Tuesday, July 6th, Feature - Designer's Corner
- Sly Greyhound Illustrations Turned Advertisements by .me.
Some fun illustrations used in an ad campaign for Greyhound I thought MMW would love.
- I just wanted to start my guest blogging off right... by .alex.
I love this little note to MMW from my sister.  Still has me laughing.
- Must have bathing suit... by .alex.
Very cute Juicy suit. P.S. my sister should be a Juicy spokesperson.

Wednesday, July 7th, Feature - My Jewelry Box
- Alex's Jewelry Box by .alex. (of course)
My sister shared some lovely summer watches.
- Over-the-Moon for Silver Moon by .me.
I found these fabulous liqueur-infused gelatos and ice creams. Fabulous.

Friday, July 9th, Feature - All About Me... (Madalyn) 
Since Friday's are all about Madalyn, and Thursday my sister and I got a wee-bit busy to guest blog, we pushed the Thursday feature (Shoe Love) to Friday so it was more appropriate.
- Coach Shoe Love by .me.

Monday, July 12th, Feature - Tis The Season For
- Tis the Season for Drinking Games! by .alex.
To pay homage to my sister's first keggar, she shared this season's favorite drinking games.
- THIS JUST IN: by .me.
Just keeping MMW's bloggers updated on her return home.
- What's on Repeat this Week... by .alex.
Round & Round by Selena Gomez & The Scene is literally on repeat when my sister hits the gym!

Now she's back and blogging about her Bahama adventures!  

We had fun Maddy!  Hope you loved everything.

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