Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Celebration is Complete Without.... CUPCAKES!

In honor of the Lime & The Coconuts one year birthday (can you believe it!), I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the most darling cupcakes designs I have found out there!

I'm currently loving cupcakes! In fact, one of my coworkers is helping me out and making these fabulous cupcakes for me this weekend for the bachelorette party I'm hosting (it's margarita and taco bar themed so these fit in just perfectly! I'm so excited!)
So, here it is, Madalyn Marie's Darling Cupcake Design Rounded Up (with commentary included of course!)
All images are courtesy of Cutest Foods
How could anyone resist such a fabulous looking cupcake! It's almost too cute to eat! And if you know me, you know I'm a fan of all things sparkly! And ain't it perfect! We've got From These Lips... in the pink, The Lime & The Coconut in green, now who wants to be blue! Any takers?
 I could not resist this design! Isn't it clever? Just think if you had a fun movie marathon party how great these would be!
For all my friends going into the teaching field, including Erin's lil sis Alex- wouldn't you love to find one of these babies on your desk! I'd take this version of an apple over a real one any day! Yummmie!
How perfect for summer! Watermelon cupcakes! This is one of the simpler designs, but how great is it! This is a definite must for any outdoor BBQ!
The round up couldn't be complete with at least one animal cupcake- and isn't this one a whoot! (hehe, I know cheesy joke, but didn't you laugh, just a lil)

Now I'm inspired to try some cupcake designs of my own! Hopefully this got your baking juices flowing!


Stay Fabulous!
Madalyn Marie

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