Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Back!

It's true, I'm back from my mini-vacation to Laughlin, NV.  Yes it was hot - but most of all it was blistering hot.  Don't believe me, here it is on the record:
On our trip we not only had a blast but we made a few discoveries - 1. Danny does not like the heat. Period.  2. I should not gamble.  At all.  I won $50 bucks on the first day, and should have taken that with a grain of salt.  3. Danny should only play Texas Hold'em.  He's good at it, and we win.  Everything else, we lose.  Here is the constant reminder of that very fact:
And last but not least, 4. After 7 years of being together, we are still in love.  We enjoy each other's company.  We don't care what other people think of us.  And even on vacation at a beautiful place, with people we love - after a very long day in the sun drinking dessert-tinis, sometimes what we want (and what we need) is to take a siesta and watch HBO.
If you're craving a relaxing vacation in the sun with everything you could possibly want to do at your fingertips, I suggest the Avi Resort in Laughlin.  With a pool and beach right outside your door, the casino, lounge and restaurants just downstairs, and with a view like this, how can you not want to go there?
Thanks babe for driving and getting us there in a jiffy.  I promise next time I'll have my ipod fully loaded.  Great trip.

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