Monday, August 30, 2010


Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset, or mad is a full minute of happiness you'll never get back.

- Author Unknown

"We claim we want to feel peaceful but we often hold on to our anger.
We pray to have peace in our hearts but our resentments can keep us up at night.
We struggle for balance and happiness and yet so many times we don't accept life on life's terms.
Why not try a happiness-and-peace experiment today?  Have a piece of paper and pencil with you.  Stop and notice when you get upset.  Jot down the source.  Be mindful of any time you get angry.  Notice whether the feeling of anger or upset came from a thought that triggered a memory that than triggered the feeling, or whether an actual event triggered the feeling.  Just notice it and jot it down.  No judgements!  You're on a learning mission today.
If you have time when these situations occur, examine each one as it occurs and decide whether or not you want to hold on to these feelings.  If you are busy, look at your paper at the end of the day.  Many times we hold on to negative or unpleasant feelings just because that's what we've always done.  Now you can change.  Try letting go more quickly by talking about your feelings, writing about them, or asking yourself how important they  really are.  Then, as your willingness increases, you'll be amazed to find your peace and happiness increase in direct proportion."

"Today I am taking an honest look at how long I hold on to my upsets.  I pray for the willingness to let go more quickly so I can have more peace and happiness in my life."

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