Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best Free Swag: Petunias

Amongst all the free swag we received from the race this weekend - key chains, wrist bands, frisbees, temporary tattoos, flashlights, baked goodies, smoothies, protein bars, paint cans - by far, the best one would be this lovely potted petunia.  Being kids at heart, our team made our way to the kids zone and learned how to pot flowers.  I believe the booth was put on by Home Depot, and I think it was a fabulous idea for the kids zone and I believe when the flowers bloom, they will be PINK!  Perfecto!


  1. aww! cute! should have had boy alex go and potted one for me too! lol!

  2. You SHOULD HAVE! I guess iii should have told him to do it, considering you didn't no.. lo siento.