Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shot Heard 'Round the World: Mêlée

Before I begin, I just want to say - I love the logo.  It's so hippie-esq.
I love the name - Mêlée, it's French for brawl, disorganized close combat.
Now known for being a chart climbing band that is rocking the world one song at a time.
Now for the story...
This local band went from attending Orange County's Villa Park HS, hanging out at Disneyland with their season passes in hand, to performing all over the world!  Talk about achieving your dreams!  And this is no one-hit-wonder, with songs climbing the charts they are unstoppable at this point.  Not only do they have a big fan base here in the states, they are HUGE - more like GINORMOUS - in Japan right now!

And how do I know all of this pertinent information you might ask.  My girlie Shans hung out with them during her high school years when she witnessed the birth of this local-grown band turn into a world-wide sensation. Occasionally we listen to their album in the office and she's told me all about their story - and this week she informed me that right now they are the iTunes Free Single of the Week!  So of course, I had to share with all of you...

This is not the free single, but it is one of their latest and greatest that I'm really liking right now:

I hope you likey!
Oh - and go download it!  You might get hooked, but don't worry - their album is being featured on iTunes for a mere $6.99.  You'll thank me later.

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