Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I'm Gettin' Used to...

Moving out is an entirely new experience in itself.  Moving out with your beau of over seven years is an entirely other experience.  And Danny and I are doing both at the exact same time.  As expected there are quite a few things that are taking time to get used to - and I don't mean in a negative way.  I'll break it down for you from beginning to end of the day...
- Waking up next to my man every morning.
- Wishing him a great day when he leaves for work (with a kiss good-bye).
- Calculating extra time into my morning routine to both clean up and make my lunch.
- Locking up myyy place when I leave.
- Brown baggin' it every. single. day.
- Coming home to my man.
- Making and planning dinners for two.
- Having a ridiculous urge to clean up the entire kitchen every single night.
- Hearing my doorbell ring when friendly faces stop by.
- Going to sleep in a new place, with new noises and another person in my bed.
- And of course, sharing the bed and the covers.
 I am absolutely enjoying having my own space, especially a space that is shared with my man. 

I am very happy.  Very. Very happy.

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