Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hump Day Fave: Uncommon Goods

It's pretty interesting how all year we find things that we would love to have, or we would love to buy for certain people in our lives - but when birthdays and Christmas come along, we get stumped at trying to figure out what to ask for and what to buy.  Well, stump no longer because I have stumbled across a pretty sweet spot that has tons of Uncommon Goods that would fit any chic person on your list.  Here are my hump faves to get you hooked:

- Italian Glass Bottles & Jewel Vases: How colorful aren't they??  Add a burst of color to any space with these perfect gifts.  The jewel vases above are sold as a set, made out of 99% recycled glass, while the Italian glass bottles below are sold in singles, perfect for fresh juice, olive oil, dish soap, the options are endless.  Oh and I should mention, both products have an added value - the vases are made in Spain and the bottles are legit, straight from Italy.
- Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors: a very unique twist on your average candle.  These little guys cast a dreamy shadow from the tiny stainless steel designs.  Created by Adam Frank of Brooklyn, NY these unique gifts are sold individually, along with 2 containers of odorless, clean-burning wax that lasts up to 17 hours each.  What a romantic gift idea for couples to set the mood and enjoy the flickering light over wine and good conversation.

- Ticket Stub Diary: for the concert lover, broadway enthusiast, traveling musician or sports enthusiast in your life, hook them up with this ticket stub diary to document every concert, play, show they rock out to or sports game they attend.  A thoughtful gift to help the friends in your life preserve those amazing memories with acid-free pages and clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes.

- Rockstar Grandparent Mugs: these fun illustrated mugs are a simple and creative way to show your grandparents that you're their number one fan.  Illustrated by award-winning designer and author Patricia Carlin, these babies are an Uncommon Goods exclusive.

- Chakra Flags Chime: this California native was designed by Jennifer Utsch.  The chakra pieces are made from recycled steel cut with an oxy-acetylene torch, and are combined with Noah Bells from India, suspended from a 5-foot long chain.  The vibrating sound from the seven chakras combine to rebalance your own chakra energy for the day as you walk beneath them.  Chakras are thought of as windows to the soul, each one symbolizing a particular virtue: stability, balance, energy, compassion, communication, intuition and receiving.  A great gift for the spiritual hearts in your family.

- Phonekerchief - is not your regular embroidered hanky.  This little guy is made with silver fibers that effectively block incoming calls and texts, no joke.  So if your loved ones usually occupy much of their time with you on their phone, send them the right message with this hanky.  I think it says, I love you and I want to enjoy your company... now put down the damn phone!

Find more unique Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers and more at their awesome website!  You're guaranteed to find anything but ordinary.

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