Thursday, December 9, 2010

Resolutions Holding Up?

Hate to be the one to bring it up!  But I'm just curious... how are those 2010 New Years resolutions holding up? 
I starting looking over my list on December 1st and giggled at the sight:

- Simplify my life: I think I definitely found this place for quite a while.  Then I moved out and had to reprioritize and I am still finding that place again.  While I'm still getting there, I would consider this to be an accomplished goal based the events this year. SUCCESS.
- Be healthy: I have absolutely made a lot of changes, but not enough.  FAIL.
- Switch from alcohol to water: I didn't want to stop drinking, just not drink as often.  And I wanted to definitely drink a lot more water.  This, I have accomplished to the max!  Not only have I cut back on the drinking this year, every single day I bring a big bottle of water to work that I not only complete, but refill at least once. SUCCESS.
- Strengthen relationships: This is something I think I'm most proud of myself.  I have definitely grown my relationships with my girl friends, reprioritized my relationships and set aside time to spend with each of them.  SUCCESS
- Have some adventures: Above all, I think moving out is a huge adventure, so goal accomplished.  Beyond that I definitely want to expand my adventures in the year 2011.  I do though, have one last adventure planned before then, road trip!.. SUCCESS
- Complete a scrapbook: Complete fail!  No explanation for this, I just plain didn't do it. FAIL.
- Finish my cookbook: Somewhat fail.  I at least compiled more great recipes to add to it, although finishing it - not even remotely. FAIL.
- Grow this blog: Having just passed my 900th post, grown my Twitter followers beyond 100 and I'm still here with even more ambition to keep things progressing, I'd call this SUCCESS.

Five out of eight 'aint bad!

Care to share your resolution progress?

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