Friday, January 28, 2011

Crossed Twice

I've come across these boots twice now, from two completely opposite sources, so that must mean one thing: we're destined to be together... Right?  All the ladies are saying yeaaaa! 
OK seriously though.  I remember these boots so vividly from the last time I saw them months ago that I searched back into my posts to see when I blogged them. . . . and to my dismay I didn't!  So of course I had to push this up immediately. 

Don't you love them?  I want them!  Too bad they're sold out *very very sad face*
Oh, oh, oh.. and one last thing, I would totally rock them with those cute knee highs. Adorable!


  1. my sister has these is brown and I wanttt them.. but same story, sold out EVERYWHERE

  2. Ohhh well! A little birdie helped me find a place to buy them... maybe I should keep it a secret so you don't go steal my boot love away from me!