Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DZP Update

As 2010 was coming to a close, I started thinking about all the things that have changed in my life... I have a new job, I'm moved out, things are a'changin' and all of these factors will most definitely affect my 2011. 

After ordering myself a three course meal of stress, with excitement about new adventures for dessert, I realized my DZP list needed more than a once-over.  A lot of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this list are seeming less important or financially impossible - not to mention I now have many new goals I never would have considered until now.

So here is an update of some of my goals.  I've included my completed, in progress and new goals that replaced some I needed to part with (no matter how fabulous they would have been to complete):

1. Buy something from Etsy
21. Take a First Aid course
23. Get a full time job
26. Become CPR certified
28. Eat sushi
29. Move out
31. Get a bikini wax
33. Open a savings account
35. Start a holiday tradition
36. Jump into a body of water fully clothed
39. Improve my posture
40. Read 10 new books (10/10)
44. Buy a new pair of sunglasses
49. Kiss under the mistletoe
50. Attend a masquerade party
66. Forgive someone (and forget)
72. Get a gym pass
80. Spend a whole weekend without using the internet(or browser on my phone)
90. Do the tambourine dance ON STAGE
101. Party on a yacht

14. Grow out my hair
32. Become debt free
41. Reach my goal weight
48. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (21/26)
68. Send a card/letter to my dad once a month (5/25)
71. Reach 1001 posts on my blog
74. Collect 50 postcards for every state (14/50)
82. Acquire all the Sex and the City season DVDs (5/6)
91. Take pictures in a photo booth (4/5)
99. Complete five 5k races (1/5)

19. Host a "cookie bake-off" - the girlies at work host such fun parties, I think I wanna take a turn
20. Complete 3 DIY projects for my apartment (0/3) - I've already got my first one in mind to organize my jewelry!
22. Decorate my patio - we've already started, I can't wait to get creative and finish!
34. Try 12 new dinner recipes (0/12) - with all my appliances I received as holiday gifts, this should be fun
59. Create an organized system for apartment finances - just to keep track, ya know?
73. Complete my 100 Snapshot Challenge - I started, and then I sizzled.  This will keep me going.
79. Learn 7 authentic Mexican recipes (0/7) - I had Danny tell me which Mexican meals he can't live without, he picked 7 good ones and I'm very excited to learn!
83. Become a master at my coffee machine - This won't be complete until I can toss out the users manual and operate it 100% on my own!
85. Eat yummy food from a food truck - I've always wanted to!
86. Completely unpack my apartment - I never thought it would take me this long! I need motivation..
87. Go on park adventures with Anthony (0/5) - I miss him! This will help me stay on top of our visits.
95. Have a slumber party at my apartment, just me and my sissy - Just for fun!

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